Video Gallery

While performing my research, I discovered several online videos that directly applied to this project, which I have used throughout this site.  They have been consolidated here in one location for easy viewing.

Included are links back to each source provider.  I would encourage you to visit each of their sites, where you will find an abundance of other related material worth reading and viewing.

Training Activities of the 83rd Division

The National Archives

WWI Basic Training at Camp Sherman, Ohio

Reel Military Flix

Dulce et Decorum Est, by Wilfred Owen

As read by Ben Whishaw.  All images public domain.

The US in World War I

The History Channel

They Deserve Their Own Memorial

The World War One Centennial Commission

Never to be Forgotten:  Soldiers of the Meuse-Argonne

The American Battle Monuments Commission

S.S.Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria, Interior, Chopin Waltz 64 No.2

Ballins Dampfer Welt

Air Force Goes To Sea (1938)

British Pathé