Postcards Home

Cameras were probably not something the ordinary soldier had access to, so like other travelers of that era, the souvenir postcard provided a means of documenting one’s travels.  Even today, postcards from this period are readily available for sale online.

Private Brigner collected many of these souvenir photos while serving in the Army…

Among the things my Father gave me was a small stack of postcards that my Grandfather had mailed home to his father, George.  They were still tucked in what was left of the envelope they were mailed in, postmarked by APO 740, on July 15, 1919, just prior to his return home and discharge, in August.  

The entire packet was wrapped in a handkerchief, which was itself an Italian souvenir of the war’s end. It’s edges are printed with the coat of arms of the Italian provinces, with “Novembre 1918” at its center.

The collection of postcards can be divided into three categories representing Battlefield Scenes, the Occupation, and Military Leave, which is how they are presented here.

Battlefield Scenes

The Occupation

On Military Leave